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Members for change at Noyac are seeking support for some long overdue changes.
Please indicate your support by clicking and submitting below.  
1. Cancel the policy whereby a primary member of a Couple can cancel the membership of his or her mate for any or no reason.
2. In change of life circumstances, allow the primary member to resign without impacting the other couple member.
3. Cancel the policy, in the event of divorce or the dissolution of a relationship, of automatically cancelling the secondary member's membership.
4. Allow a secondary member the option to move to primary status upon the death or incapacitation of his or her mate.

5. Allow Couples the right to determine who is in which status annually.
6. Allow all full-time members to serve on the Board and vote.
7. Allow all years of membership to count when calculating eligibility for Lifetime status.           

[Scroll down to the box and click to express your support.]

In the Spring of 2020, a meeting will be scheduled (date, time and place to be determined) for any and all members to come together to discuss "actions needed" to transform Noyac into a 21st century club. Stay tuned for more information about this.

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