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Did we petition the Board and if not why not?

Answer: we are a core group of 20, women and men (primary, secondary and senior members). Over the years, letters requesting policy changes have been ineffective. It is not that the Board is unresponsive; it is that the answer is consistently NO.

In the bylaws there is a provision for Special Club Meetings which may be called by the Board or President or upon written petition of 20 Founder or Regular members. Although we number 20, we are not all Founder or Regular members; thus this avenue was not an option. Even it it was, only Founder and Regular members would be notified of such a special meeting. Primary members benefit from the status quo and obviously have not been motivated to modernize Club policies on their own. A major issue, in our opinion, is lack of representation in Club governance for all members.

Our primary objective in creating the website was to raise the consciousness about outdated policies that ought be to revisited. We felt a website was a relatively non-intrusive means to accomplish this. We have received 71 check marks of support since the site went live. This is perhaps an early indication that some percentage of the Membership is open to change.

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